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Linina from Texas



from Texas

Linina is a sweet youth who is very goal orientated, and in a lot of ways, she is extraordinary. She has carried the role of being an excellent big sister on top of being a good student. Linina is active in school activities such the debate team and flag guard. She is a people person and has a bright future ahead of her. Linina is a good communicator and has matured a lot. She enjoys fashion and socializing with her friends in person and on social media. Linina also writes poems that are so heart filled and honest. She deserves a family who will love her and give her all the things she deserves from a family such as stability, love, nurture, and ongoing support.

A family with a mother and father is preferable; however, single-parent households will be considered as well. The family should be open to Linina continuing to have visitation with her siblings. The characteristics of her desired family should include: very family oriented, close, affectionate, have healthy boundaries, talkative, adventurous, and can provide a loving and supportive family environment. Her family should also be very warm, nurturing, supportive, patient, and loving. The family should also possess the ability to balance their family, work, and personal lives.

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