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Makayla from Texas



from Texas

Makayla is a happy, sweet, and loveable child. She is very friendly and social. Makayla loves to draw and attend the children's church service. Makayla enjoys going to the skating rink, park, and riding her bike. She also loves playing with tiny toys, Legos and connect four. Makayla benefits from additional support in school. Makayla really enjoys learning and keeping herself busy; she is a very independent and hardworking student. Some of her favorite foods are broccoli and cheese, hamburgers and French fries. She likes when others make funny faces and loves to laugh. Makayla is a joy to be around and gets along well with everyone she meets. Makayla would make a great addition to any family due to the love that she has to offer.

Makayla needs a loving and compassionate family to parent her. The family will work with providers to ensure that Makayla receives all of the appropriate services required to ensure that she is able to succeed and progress to the best of her ability. Makayla's family will be patient and build on the positives and give her praise and positive reinforcement when making accomplishments or showing improvement. Makayla's family will be patient, offer her unconditional love, and not give up on her. The family should have a strong support system and be knowledgeable of resources. It would be ideal if the family was active and outgoing in their community.

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