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Makayla from Texas



from Texas

Makayla is an outgoing teen girl who enjoys life to the fullest. She enjoys being outdoors and has a passion for cheerleading. She enjoys spending time with her siblings and is very affectionate. She is easily re-directed and bonds well with children as well as adults. She is talkative and she is able to make her needs known. She participates in extra-curricular activities including volleyball and cheer-leading. She also likes to dance, read and enjoys going to church. She is on target with her size and weight. She is not on any medications and she does not have any behaviors that are not typical for her age.

Kayle, Makayla, Mckenyze, and Steaven have a strong bond with one another, and have always been placed together. They get along well for the most part but have sibling arguments from time to time. The children are all very protective of one another and will take up for each other without a second thought. They do well playing together, but also socialize well with other children. They do not struggle with adult supervision and all do well with redirection and positive reinforcement. They all do well in school and do not have any discipline or behavior issues. They are all loved by their teachers and caseworkers. They enjoy spending family time together and camping is one of their favorite family activities.

An energetic and active family would be ideal for Makayla. She would do well with parents that are creative and involved. Her forever family will provide her with patience, love, understanding and regular assurances as well as a sense of safety and trust.

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