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Malajah from Texas



from Texas

Malajah is a very sweet person. He loves all things Spiderman and considers him to be his favorite superhero. Malajah loves being outdoors, exploring and wants to go camping one day. He loves animals and would love to have horses one day. Horseback riding is therapeutic and calming for Malajah. Malajah enjoys watching educational programs, cartoons and playing video games on his electronic devices. In the classroom, Malajah receives one-on-one instruction and support to address his speech and intellectual needs. Malajah is verbal but struggles with expressing himself in a clear way when trying to communicate his needs. Malajah requires support, patience and guidance in processing and understanding tasks. During times of distress and confusion he will engage in harming behaviors. Malajah can become fixated on having things done his way but will respond positively to redirection. Malajah thrives when given praise and encouragement.

Malajah will benefit from a two-parent family with older children. The family should be patient, empathetic, understanding and committed to ensuring he receives ongoing support services to meet his needs. A structured home environment, with resourceful and loving parents would help Malajah develops and matures. The family will closely supervise him and provide guidance and redirection to help him adapt to his new home. Malajah needs a family who will committed to him now and into the future as he grows. The ideal family will be dedicated to providing him with support and extensive, life-long care into his adulthood that are aligned with his best interest.

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