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Malajah from Texas



from Texas

Malajah has a loving personality and gives and receives affection freely. He is an active child who enjoys participating in recreational activities. Malajah loves horses and seems to be a natural cowboy. Horseback riding helps soothe his demeanor. He participated in horse therapy and naturally bonds with them in a loving manner. He enjoys playing with his figurine horses and toy trucks. He also likes all types of animals. Malajah enjoys coloring and creating art work. He has an artistic gift in drawing and coloring. He also enjoys books about animals and likes to mimic the sounds they make. He likes to watch educational programs and cartoons. His favorite shows are "Sesame Street," "Barney," and "Callou." Who wants to get up in the morning? Malajah is not a morning person so it takes a little work to prepare him for school. He is currently enrolled in a special services program at school where he can have one on one attention. He sets his attention on many thing at one time and needs guidance to stay on task. He is not a picky eater. He especially enjoys pancakes and eggs. Malajah's wish is to have a puppy and ride horses with his forever family.

Malajah will benefit from a two-parent family with older children. His forever family will recognize his strengths, as well as his limitations. They will explore programs that meet his developmental needs and provide him with educational tools for stimulation. His forever family will accept, recognize, and help him cope with setbacks. His forever family will be able to team up with professionals who will work together to address all of his needs. His family will provide him with close supervision, praise, and encouragement. They will be patient, consistent, and willing to engage in general practices proven to help children adapt to their new family, culture, and environment. His parents will be dedicated to providing him with extensive, life-long care. His family will be completely dedicated to his best interests.

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