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Margarita from Texas



from Texas

Margarita is a friendly teenager with a wonderful smile. She is sweet and outgoing with a great sense of humor. She goes by her preferred nickname of Maggie. Margarita is likes school and works hard to maintain good grades. Her favorite class is art because she likes to draw. Margarita pictures herself attending college and being successful in life. She is very helpful and when she feels she is being heard, she will go out of her way to complete her task. Maggie does well with animals. She will benefit from guidance and direction help her learn to make the best choices she can at times. Maggie is ready and wants to be adopted.

Margarita is open to any type of family. She thrives better when she has a routine. Margarita needs a family who has a structured routine and will also teach her to be independent. Her parents will be able to guide Margarita on what is right from wrong when necessary. She would like to be in a family with siblings, but it is probably better if the siblings are older than her. Her ideal family will provide unconditional love and consistency. She will do well in a family who plays together, works together, and does things together as a family and also have individual time. Margarita needs a family who is patient and models proper family dynamics, relationships, and boundaries.

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