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Melissa from Texas



from Texas

Melissa possesses an openly warm and friendly demeanor when interacting with others and carries a lively and cheerful attitude. Melissa has a caring, generous, nurturing and kind personality. She embraces and shows love to everyone she meets for the first time. Melissa has an inherent ability to care for others and shows a strong and nurturing connection with those who care for her. She is a cheerful girl who is capable of expressing her desires, needs, likes and dislikes. Some of the things that she takes pleasure in include shopping, getting dressed up, and having manicures or pedicures. Melissa enjoys playing games, listening to music, and watching videos on YouTube. Melissa loves going out to eat. She is fond of dogs and has expressed a desire for a service dog.

Melissa is diagnosed with a genetic chromosome disorder, which can make her very outgoing and trusting, even to her detriment. She needs supervision and adults to keep her safe with healthy boundaries. Melissa requires continuous monitoring to ensure her safety within appropriate limits. Melissa will benefit from a single mom or two-parent home. Additionally, the family interested in Melissa will need the ability to educate themselves on her diagnosis, as she will likely need long-term care into adulthood.

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