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Mia from Texas



from Texas

Mia is a sweet, loving, caring, and adorable little girl who enjoys playing with doll houses and toy horses and loves Disney, as she has voiced wanting to be a princess. She enjoys stimulating her mind by working on crossword puzzles and figuring recipes out, as Mia enjoys cooking. She loves coloring and enjoys coloring books that have roses and other flowers. Mia enjoys fashion and loves to wear clothing that is vibrant in colors to match her personality. Mia loves wearing shoes with sparkling glitter to stand out from others. She enjoys spending time with her current caretakers and helping them prepare meals. Mia always has a smile on her face, and ultimately wishes she is adopted. Mia will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Mia's forever family will love her unconditionally. Mia's family will make her childhood memorable, fun, enjoyable. Mia will benefit from a family that has much enthusiasm to match Mia's personality. Mia would like to travel with her forever family. Mia will benefit from a family that has patience, the ability to seek resources for Mia, and be open-mind and understanding of Mia. She would benefit from a family that will provide support, guidance and love. Mia will benefit from being adopted by a loving set of parents who already have children as Mia wants to have many brothers and sisters to play with.

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