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Michael from Texas



from Texas

Michael is an extremely sweet and curious boy. Michael enjoys being active, building things and loves animals. Some of Michael's hobbies include, playing video games, building Legos, watching sports (basketball & football) and collecting Squishmellows. A few of his favorite video games include Roblox, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis and Starfox. Some of Michael's favorite physical activities include swimming and skating. Michael is well traveled for his age and has been to Nicaragua. That is where he discovered his love for the Toucan bird. Along with his love for toucan birds, Michael also loves dogs, donkeys and monkeys. He is an eager learner and math is his favorite subject in school. He is very kind and caring and loves making friends. He is very independent but loves to be included in group activities. Michael is extremely resilient and is eager to be placed in a loving family with siblings and pets.

Michael's forever family is caring and loving. Michael's forever family will be patient with him as he has been through a lot for his age. His family will enjoy being active and doing different activities. Michael's family will honor his independence but also includes him in activities.

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