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Mike from Texas



from Texas

Mike is an energetic and extroverted child who has a very contagious smile and positive attitude. He likes to talk to people about his interests, especially football, but also skateboarding, fashion, music, cars, and much more. He loves to be outside and stay active. To stay active, Mike participates in Cub Scouts and plays football on a community league. When he is not participating in these extracurricular activities, he loves any kind of hands-on activity around his home where he is able to help. Mike also likes to spend time with his friends at school, after church, or at community events. He is typically compliant and responsible. Mike has made significant progress in a structured, patient, and supportive family environment where he has been given the tools and guidance to learn how to better cope with his emotions. He excels with one-on-one attention. Mike continues to progress academically and developmentally with the appropriate supports and is driven to continue his progress.

Delia, Mike, and Mariah get along very well. They are always looking out for each other and will thrive in a home where they can continue to do so. Delia takes on the "big sister" role with her younger siblings and enjoys helping out around the house in general. All three children are very active and they love any activity that gives them the chance to work together as a team. Delia tends to be a "girly-girl" who enjoys fashion, cheerleading, and shopping. Mariah's interests cover a wide span from Barbie's and cooking to remote control cars and running. Mike is a pretty typical boy who loves football and Cub Scouts. Delia, Mike, and Mariah all enjoy school and, with the right supports, earn good grades. All three children communicate well with peers and adults when in a positive and encouraging environment. Visit us at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Mike will thrive with a family who is active and enjoys participating in activities as a family and within the community. Sports are very important to him, so ideally, his family will be open and willing to allowing him to participate in extracurricular activities. His family will be structured and consistent. Mike does well with one-on-one attention and positive reinforcement. He will benefit from a strong male figure in the home.