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Miles from Texas



from Texas

Miles is a talented youth who enjoys the outdoors! He has a strong work ethic and actually likes to mow the grass. He would like to pursue a career as a paramedic or a police officer because he feels compelled to help others and wants to save people's lives. Miles enjoys listening to music, which he does in order to relax. His favorite genres are country or classic rock. He finds it soothing to listen to at night as he winds down for the evening. He is a real history buff and enjoys learning about the Civil War, World War 1, and World War 2. His favorite genre of movies is Western movies, and he could watch Tales of Wells Fargo over and over as it never gets old. Miles isn't one to sleep in. He enjoys doing anything in nature which includes riding a bike. Miles is well-rounded; he also likes to participate in indoor activities such as playing video games just as much as he enjoys spending time outdoors. He enjoys video games that are action related or have a fable story line. Miles is an avid reader who reads every day. His preferred reading genres are horror, thrillers, or action. One of his favorite books is Red Rising. His idea of a good time would be to go to the library, Barnes and Noble, camping, or hiking. One of his favorite hobbies is fishing so if there any avid fishermen out there, Miles would love to be your fishing buddy! Miles has a very relaxed personality. He likes to sit outside, relax, and enjoy the scenery. Miles has a big personality and makes everybody laugh. He is loving, passionate, and caring. Miles has a servant's heart and only wants to help others. People who know him well say he is protective of those he cares about and is not selfish at all. Miles is an interesting and unique youth. He is intelligent and likes to spend his spare time writing. Miles is currently writing a novel of his own and given the opportunity would like to be involved with writing the school newspaper or a photography class. He says he just wants a family who will love him. Miles will enjoy any family activity where the family is able to interact such as going on family walks. If he could go anywhere, Miles would like to go any excursion where he gets to explore a historical site such as the Alamo in San Antonio. Miles describes himself as an explorer. Will you be the family that shares his enthusiasm for the past and makes memories exploring historical sites as a family?

The ideal family for Miles would be a supportive family who would be able to take care of his needs. He would be open to living in the city or the country. He would prefer to remain in Texas; however, he would be open to relocating out of state for the right family. His forever family for Miles would be able to provide unconditional love and consistent structure. He will do well with a family who provides activities done as a family but will also encourage him to follows individual pursuits. His forever family will be trustworthy and will always be there for him. His forever family will encourage him to be creative and express his individualism while achieving his goals.

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