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Mizaria from Texas



from Texas

Mi'Zaria is a vibrant and energetic child who loves being around happy people. Mi'Zaria loves to watch her favorite show, Cocomelon, and she loves to dance. She is a child who is resilient, strong and growing daily. She finds enjoyment in music as she likes to hum her ABC's. She is non-verbal but learning new things daily. Mi'Zaria like to be independent and her sassy personality continues to develop. She enjoys being outside as her eyesight continues to strengthen and develop. Mi'Zaria currently has G-J Tube. She receives nursing hours in home to continue to grow and develop. She is exploring soft foods and liquids, but she feeds primarily through her G-J Tube. Mi'Zaria receives all the support she needs in home. Mi'Zaria continues to thrive and make improvements.

Mi'Zaria's forever family will be one who is loving and understanding. They will be accepting of her daily challenges and the regimen required for her developmental progress. Her family will have experience with children with medical needs. Mi'Zaria will be a great joy and pride to a special family willing to open their heart and home to her.

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