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My Adrian from Texas

My Adrian

My Adrian

from Texas

MyAdrian is a very sweet and chatty youth. She likes to participate in conversations with all age groups. MyAdrian has an outgoing and friendly personality when meeting new people. She is often a leader and positive role model for those around her. MyAdrian enjoys helping out around the home, she has been heling with cooking and chores around the home to earn an allowance. MyAdrian has a playful personality and likes to play with all age groups. She enjoys arts and crafts and playing games. MyAdrian enjoys skating, swimming, and building things. She enjoys shopping, going to dinner, going for walks, and going to the movies. Movie nights and eating snacks are her favorite. MyAdrian loves food, with pizza and burgers some of her favorite foods. She enjoys going shopping to buy new clothes and shoes, and she hopes to have a closet of her own full of clothes and shoes. MyAdrian likes being around animals and she is doing great in school. MyAdrian looks forward to spending time with her siblings, who are not a part of this adoption. She enjoys helping others and hopes to help others when she is and adult. MyAdrian hasn't decided what she wants to be once she grows up, but she knows she likes to help others.

MyAdrian will thrive in a home who can teach her about healthy, caring, nurturing family bonds, and structure. She wants her forever family to be nice and fair to her. MyAdrian will do well with other children in the home, and she hopes to have an older sister in the home. She prefers not to be oldest child in the home. MyAdrian hopes to have a big sister, mom, and dad in her forever family. She hopes to live in a nice, big house and have her own room. MyAdrian would prefer to remain in Texas to be close to her siblings, who are not a part of this adoption, but if a good match is found for her then she is open to possibilities outside Texas. It is very important for her family to understand she wants to continue communication and her connection with her siblings. She currently keeps in contact with her siblings through virtual visits.

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