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Nickolas from Texas



from Texas

Nickolas is a vibrant and spunky teenage boy. He loves science activities and experiments. Nickolas enjoys anything to keep his inquisitive mind and body busy. You can most often find him playing outdoors; he is active and very much into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This includes lifting weights and bodybuilding. Some of his other favorite activities are flying drones and video games. Nickolas also enjoys listening to music and working on art activities. He is a big fan of fried chicken drumsticks and seafood. Nickolas likes to cook and always cleans up after himself. He appears shy at first, but he is a great conversationalist when he gets to know someone. Nickolas is eager to talk about all kinds of different subjects. He is a well-rounded youth who is excited to meet his forever family.

Nickolas forever family will be one who is patient and can spend time with him. His family will enjoy going places and participating in outdoor activities. Nickolas' family will be supportive of his academics, healthy life style and will provide him with structure and stability.

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