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Noah from Texas



from Texas

Noah is a generally happy 15 year old who likes to draw, color, and loves animals, especially the fox. Noah finds peace and calming while watching others color. Noah enjoys camping, swimming and being outdoors. Noah loves Beyblades, Hot Wheels and Pokemon. Noah can be shy, but once he warms up, he likes to ask a lot of questions. He loves to play video games and he likes anything with Lego's. Noah enjoys drawing, writing, fishing, playing basketball, and doing anything outdoors. He likes to go camping and swimming. Noah interacts well with peers his age. He is not a picky eater. He enjoys eating and his favorites are pizza,and spaghetti. Noah's favorite school subjects are science, reading, and history. He is very sweet and thoughtful.

Noah would like a family with a mom and a dad. He would like brothers and sisters. He would like a family that goes to church and that does outdoor things such as hunting, fishing, and camping.

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