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Paitan from Texas



from Texas

Paitan's favorite color is orange and, like many teens, her favorite food is pizza! She enjoys being a part of theater as it gives her an avenue to come out of her shell. She is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She does not always notice social cues and has been working on improving her communication and practicing mentally engaging activities outside of school to promote continued healthy social engagement. She is bubbly, energetic, and friendly! She enjoys playing on electronics, playing with toys, and with her guitar. Paitan is diagnosed with Phenhlketonuria (commonly known as PKU). She does well in school. Paitan has good social skills at school and she connects well with her teachers. She handles situations at school well by letting her caregiver or teachers know about them. Paitan currently attends a community center after school and interacts with other students. She enjoys participating in activities there like playing in the gym, on the playground, or on videogames which are available. Paitan thrives with structure. She absolutely loves church as well and sings in the church choir. Paitan loves school, the park, going to the movies, playing guitar, and playing her Nintendo D.S.

Paitan will do best in a loving home that understands her behaviors and has the skills to provide structure and enable her to grow into her best person. She needs a family who will advocate strongly for her educationally, therapeutically, medically, and emotionally. Paitan has two half-siblings who her family will need to support her in maintaining contact with and sibling visits. Paitan is a very spiritual child and wishes to be part of a family who values church participation.

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