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Rhiannon from Texas



from Texas

Rhiannon is a caring and sweet teenager. She is easy going and always willing to try new things. Rhiannon has shown an interest in music and has joined the marching band. Her love is percussion instruments and she also plays the guitar. She is taking pre-AP classes at school. In school, Rhiannon enjoys topics like robotics and being a social butterfly. She has no problem making friends. Her personality is described as laid back. Rhiannon is an extremely motivated child. She has dreams and aspirations of attending college to pursue engineering. Rhiannon is the eldest of her six siblings and shares a close connection with them. She has shown how deep her love for her siblings by making comments about how she wants to ensure her siblings are adopted before she is adopted. Rhiannon's comments demonstrate how loving she is and how she just wants the best for her siblings.

Rhiannon, Lillean, Jeremy, Isabella, Pandora, and Rowan have always cared, supported, and protected each other. This group of siblings are friendly and respectful children. They are blossoming into themselves and have unique personalities. The children have a positive outlook on life. They like to praise and brag about each other to other people because they are proud of each other. The siblings are a loving group who have a normal sibling relationship. Sometimes the older siblings take on the parenting role with the younger children. All six kids enjoy each other's company, but like all teenagers, at times they want to enjoy some independence. When the children are together, their connection and the love they share for each other is obvious.

Rhiannon's forever family will work with her to help her move forward. Her parents will be supportive and involved with her education. Rhiannon is motivated to learn and very smart. Her forever family will encourage and guide Rhiannon to make positive choices for her future. Rhiannon's family will understand the importance of the sibling bond she has with her siblings.