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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a happy go lucky, friendly/outgoing, loving, always smiling and always happy child. He loves trying to talk to others and giving hugs. He is always smiling and happy to see those who come to visit him and loves to receive praise. He also loves attending school where he is in Life Skill classes. Robert loves attending school and takes a great interest in learning. He is making great strides in learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, as well as learning how to tie his shoelaces. Robert plays well with others and does not mind sharing his toys with peers. He gets enjoyment from watching cartoons. Some of his favorite foods are "home cooking," snack foods, and hamburgers. He likes to play basketball, arts and crafts as well as playing video games. He is ready to find his forever home.

Timothy and younger brother Robert have a strong family bond, connection and special language they speak with one another. Timothy and Robert are both diagnosed with Autism and has speech delays, in which both have received speech therapy at school and currently seeking community services to help in this area. Both are making great strides in learning to talk and express themselves. Timothy and Robert are both happy children who love receiving attention from their caregivers and love playing with hot wheel cars, Legos and playing outdoors either by themselves or others. Timothy and Robert are healthy, happy boys who enjoy the company of others. They both love going on family outgoings, trying new foods/restaurants and exploring new and other exciting things and places.

A two-parent or single parent family will best meet Robert's needs. His forever family will provide a loving and patient environment. He will be best served by a family familiar with intellectual delays, but not limited abilities.

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