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Roderick from Texas



from Texas

Roderick is a fun-loving teenager. His personality is outgoing and very friendly. He is an active teenager who loves playing basketball or with nerf guns. His talents are many and he also knows how to do magic tricks. He likes to dress well and believes that personal presentation is important. He does well in school and makes excellent grades. His goals are to attend university and go on to be either an architect or a pediatric heart surgeon. He cares greatly for those around him. While he prefers to be active, he enjoys being creative and drawing pictures. He also loves playing video games. He is great at communicating his needs and will let others know what his boundaries are. He prefers to be around people and try to make them laugh.

Roderick's forever family will be supportive and loving. His family will allow him to be active and outgoing. His family will be very resourceful. He family will encourage him to reach his goals and support his dreams.

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