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Ruth from Texas



from Texas

Ruth is a very active youth. She has been a cheerleader and active in sports, including softball and volleyball. One of Ruth's favorite things to do is draw; she loves art. She is active in her church and likes to make care packets for the homeless and pass them out. Ruth also likes working with the elderly, by loving on them and holding their hands. She is very empathetic to those less fortunate than her. Ruth likes being the center of attention and talking about how her day went at school. She is a "girly-girl" who likes to shop for clothes and shoes. She loves to dress up and get her hair and nails done. Ruth enjoys watching TV and movies on weekends. Like many teens, she doesn't enjoy doing chores and needs to be encouraged and reminded to do them. Ruth enjoys going to school, but learning is a challenge for her. She benefits from tutoring and assistance with her school work. With encouragement, she makes good grades. Ruth has been known to make the A/B honor roll when she applies herself. She would like to play sports at school, although she is not sure which one.

Ruth needs a very structured and stable home environment. She would love to be a part of a family with a mom, dad, and siblings. She will do best with siblings older than her. Ruth needs an active family that supports her interest in extracurricular activities. She needs a loving and encouraging support system interested in helping others. She needs a family who will set clear and consistent boundaries and offer positive reinforcement. She needs an advocate in the educational community, as well as throughout life. Ruth benefits from supportive services to help her with her feelings of frustration concerning adoption. When she is stressed about the possibility of being adopted, she tends to act out. Ruth can overcome these feelings of anxiety if she knows that something positive will come from being adopted.