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Semiah from Texas



from Texas

Semiah is a fun-loving, energetic, and kind-natured teenager who can often be found playing outside or winning at video games! She loves to sketch, and most recently she has been sketching pictures of being outside, especially capturing the skies. Semiah has recently started journaling and she loves to sing. She has a very polite and well-mannered personality, Semiah expresses her genuine gratitude and appreciation toward her peers and adults alike. While Semiah enjoys building relationships and interactions with adults, she sometimes needs support in how to best interact with her peers. She can become frustrated with peers at times and continues to work on better ways to express her frustration. Semiah is learning ways to manage her feelings such as openly communicating her emotions to her peers and doing so is continuing to benefit her interactions.

Semiah's forever family will be patient with her and provide her with the love and structure she needs in order to be successful. Semiah's forever family will be committed to her, and would make her feel wanted and needed. Her forever family will play, laugh and all sing together as a family. Semiah's family will provides her with one on one attention that she not only craves, but she deserves. Semiah will do best if she is the only child in the home.

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