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Shatavia from Texas



from Texas

Shatavia is a special youth who has a beautiful smile! She loves listening to music, singing, and dancing along with her family and friends. Shatavia also loves to put on the occasional musical production. She also enjoys playing dress up with her dolls. Shatavia loves watching funny movies or movies with princesses. She also enjoys spending time at the park and riding her bike. Shatavia loves the color pink and often has a big bow in her hair. She enjoys shopping and going out to community events. Shatavia loves animals, especially dogs. She enjoys being in the kitchen baking cookies and loves to eat at all types of food at local restaurants. Shatavia is a very helpful and happy youth who enjoys being around people and has an outgoing personality!

Shatavia will do best in a home where her family is able to offer structure as well as a nurturing environment that provides her with the attention she seeks. Shatavia will benefit from a family who likes to go on outings such as to church, movies, restaurants, skating, and shopping. Shatavia's family will be active, loving, and caring.

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