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Skyler from Texas



from Texas

Skyler is a kind and caring youth who has a great personality and likes to make other people laugh. He has big goals for his future as he aspires to become a traveling nurse. He wants to help others not lose their loved ones which is his motivation for choosing this career field. He also loves traveling and wants to see the world. He also wants to raise awareness on the adverse effects of Fentanyl. He likes to make funny Tik Toks in his spare time as he is quite the jester. He likes make up, dancing, and listening to music. His favorite genres of music are rap and country music. If Skyler could learn a new skill, he would like to learn to play the guitar. Skyler likes to bake and cook and especially likes to make anything fried or sweet. His favorite cuisines are Mexican and Chinese. He would like to obtain his driver's license and get a dependable car. Some of his long-term goals would be to work at a restaurant while in college so he can save money in order to get his own apartment.

Skyler's forever family will be open, understanding and have an active lifestyle. His family's home environment would be one where he has various opportunities for new experiences. Skyler's family will be a loving and nurturing family who will be understanding of his needs. His family will be patient as he adjusts to a new home. Skyler's family will offer him unconditional love and be supportive of his educational goals. Skyler wishes for an amazing forever family that will be unconditionally loving and accepting of him.

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