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Stevionna from Texas



from Texas

Stevionna, who prefers to go by Stevi, is a very bright and creative teen. She aspires to become a cosmetologist when she grows up and is often showing her creativity through her hair, make-up, clothes, and nails. Stevionna is a very determined youth who is more of a "swim up-stream" type of person. She likes to go for long walks where she likes to take time to think on things. Stevionna makes friends easily and enjoys socializing with her peers. She enjoys swimming, staying busy, listening to music, watching movies, and YouTube videos. Stevionna is an easy person to talk to when she knows you are truly interested in what she has to say. She does well with structure and clear boundaries. Stevionna enjoys going out to eat and she especially enjoys Dairy Queen Blizzards. She looks forward to going to Dairy Queen with her forever family!

Stevionna needs a family who is whole-heartedly ready to commit to her for a lifetime. She will benefit from a family who sets clear boundaries, but who will also be understanding and forgiving of mistakes. Her family should be structured and active. Stevi thrives with families who stay busy and are not just hanging around in the house all the time. Stevionna needs a two-parent home where the parents are on the same page and make a great team. She will benefit from having at least one mother in the home. Stevi would like a family who lives in the city and is open to pets. Her forever family will be open to her continuing contact with her family after her adoption, as this is something that is important to her.

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