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Synneva from Texas



from Texas

Synneva is a beautiful person who has a great sense of humor. She will need a bit of time to get to know you and be comfortable enough to show you her wonderful sense of humor. She loves hanging out with friends and especially enjoys cooking for her friends and showing them all her amazing baking skills! She loves being outside and enjoys being one with nature. She is also an animal lover and would do well with a family with animals. She is also an avid reader; she loves to read about anime and fiction novels. Currently, her favorite stories are about My Hero Academia. She feels at home in a bookstore and loves hanging out drinking Starbucks or Boba tea. She absolutely loves Boba tea and is a complete fan of trying out new restaurants. She is a foodie for sure and likes her food a bit spicy as she is all about bringing the flavor to her food. She is very expressive about how she feels and will always advocate for herself and those she loves and feels close too. Synneva would love to be a pre-school or kindergarten teacher when she grows up. She loves little kids and has a lot of patience when it comes to children.

Synneva's forever family will be one that is affectionate, understanding and patient. She would like a two-parent home; however, she is open to any family composition. She would also love siblings but would be happy with being an only child as well. Synneva's family will be willing to learn with her as she grows into a young woman.

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