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Thomas from Texas



from Texas

Thomas is sweet and loving school aged male child who is very active and friendly. He has a contagious smile and enjoys interacting with his caregivers. Thomas is non-verbal and expresses himself through smiling, facial expressions, and reaching his hands out to his caregivers. He responds to familiar voices and can make a wide range of vocalizations. Thomas makes himself known through cries and vocalizations to alert his caregivers when he needs assistances, is unhappy, or uncomfortable. He loves to be talked to, held and nurtured by his caregivers. Thomas loves being read to, sung to or when his caregivers talk to him; he especially loves having his hand held while he being spoken to. Thomas is participating in Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy weekly through Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD). Thomas is unable to walk or control his body and uses a wheel-chair for mobility. It assists him getting on and off the bus, in and out of his elementary school and provides him with a safety placement while in his school environment. Thomas shows he is happy or uncomfortable through facial expressions. Thomas is unable to function independently. Thomas is not capable of any self-care tasks. For example, Thomas is unable to feed himself or complete any daily hygiene tasks by himself. Thomas is fed and receives medications through a G-J tube. Thomas is very lovable and he does respond to his caregivers smiling and talking to him. He loves to interact with the other children and his caregivers. Thomas enjoys going to school an listening to music. Thomas will sometimes try and hum along to songs he likes. Thomas loves watching television and his favorite show is SpongeBob Square Pants. Thomas will need a family that is ready to commit to him long term into adulthood.

Thomas' family wii be able to meet his special needs and provide him with love and care. Thomas would benefit from a family with experience in caring for a medically fragile child or a health care background. Thomas sees multiple specialists and his family will be able to fit all of his appointments and therapy into their schedule. Thomas is looking for a safe, loving home where he can spend quality family time with loved ones. Thomas' forever family will reward him with love, affection and guidance. He would do well with one or two parents and would love adoptive siblings. Thomas' family will take the time to talk to him and show him affection.

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