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Tiffany from Texas



from Texas

Tiffany is a happy child who loves to smile. She is kind and sweet, and she enjoys hanging out and laughing. Tiffany is continuing to improve upon her social skills, patience, and reactions to challenging situations. She needs time to warm-up to new people before she begins to fully engage with them. Tiffany enjoys music, arts and crafts, stickers, and playing games. She enjoys going shopping at stores. Tiffany does well interacting with children who are younger than her, as she is able to relate better with younger children. She enjoys going places and being outdoors. Tiffany also enjoys being inside watching a good movie or videos on YouTube. Tiffany is helpful towards others.

Tiffany will do best in a home which provides daily structure. Her parents will be loving and supportive, patient, and encouraging. Tiffany needs parents who are experienced and understand her needs. Tiffany has stated that she prefers just a mother, but is open to mother and father.

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