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Timberly from Texas



from Texas

Timberly is a happy, sweet, and loveable teenager; she is very friendly and sociable. She loves to color and enjoys doing yoga. She also enjoys riding her bike to the skating rink and park. She enjoys learning and keeping busy; she is an independent and hardworking student. Timberly enjoys being around her peers and gets along well with everyone she meets. She enjoys laughing, playing outdoors, and doing arts and crafts. Timberly enjoys showing affection and participating in family activities. She enjoys helping others by helping with chores around the house. She likes to be the center of attention, enjoys giving hugs, and shows affection to others. Timberly would make a great addition to any family due to the love that she has to offer.

Timberly's forever family will provide a structured home environment and provide her with stability and love. Her family will be patient, and consistent. She loves to be around adults and receive affection from them, so it's important that her family be able to provide her with the attention she needs. Her family will ensure she continues to receive the appropriate services as she transitions to her forever home. Her family will have a strong support system. Timberly would like for her family to be an active, have a sense of humor, and be outgoing in their community.

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