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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy is an adorable boy who enjoys playing with puzzles and Legos. He likes to build and create things with his hands as he has a big imagination. He loves to design things and says he wants to be a construction worker when he grows up. He has a great imagination and will "build houses" out of anything he can find. He loves to go to the park and play soccer and ride his bike. He prides himself on not being scared of anything, except the dark. Timothy is somewhat shy but also very sweet and polite. He likes to play outdoors but also is content participating in solo play inside. He is very smart for his age. Timothy has goals he is working on. His current goals are working on his communication skills, improving relationships with his peers, and increasing his social skills. He is progressing well with his emotions as he goes through this transition. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas. View my video on "Forever Families".

Tim's family will need to be nurturing, but also able to provide him with a structured environment. He responds extremely well to an organized schedule and knowing when things are going to change. He needs a family that will be patient with him and remind him that he is special. He gets disappointed in himself when he gets in trouble and needs a family that can show him love, even in hard times. Tim should be the only child in the home or have older siblings. Tim does have a younger brother that lives in Texas and he would like to remain in contact with him.

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