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Timothy from Texas



from Texas

Timothy is a very sweet and kind young man. He is polite and very respectful, friendly and loves joking around. He may appear shy initially, but his bright smile shines through when he feels comfortable. Timothy absolutely loves football, and his favorite NFL team is Philadelphia Eagles. He can tell you everything you need to know about football. In fact, he strives to one day be a professional football player. He believes football players are dignified and work hard every day to attain those qualities. Some of Timothy's other hobbies include collecting Magic and pro football cards. Timothy has expressed that he would like to go to college but is unsure of his career path desires. He will strive to be an NFL football player as well.

Timothy will benefit most from a two-parent home. Timothy wants a family with a mom and a dad. Timothy's forever family provide a home that is structured, but understands that some play time is a good thing. At times, Timothy does not think before he acts and benefits from ongoing support in this regard as well. His forever family will be "helpful, nice, and friendly". At school, Timothy receives supportive services to assist him behaviorally and educationally. Timothy's family will continue to advocate for his all his needs.

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