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Tobias from Texas



from Texas

Tobias (Toby) is kind, quirky, and happy boy! He loves to play with his toys, especially car toys. He enjoys playing with his Legos, riding his bike, going to the park, and swimming. He recently went camping and traveled out of state and has discovered a love for adventure! Toby is most successful when he stays busy and is engaged in lots of activities. He enjoys pets, especially dogs. Toby also really likes cars, enjoys going to car shows. He can be introverted and shy at first, especially towards his peers. He can be hesitant to make connections in fear they will be short lived. Once he warms up to others, he is very loyal and enjoys spending time with them. He gets along with adults well and enjoys helping, especially when it comes to cleaning. He is learning to take responsibility for his own actions and taking constructive criticism well. Toby continues to strive towards doing well in school. He is a very smart young man and would flourish in school with caregivers who can advocate for his needs. He would also do well in a structured educational setting at home.

Toby will do best in a two-parent family. Toby is open to siblings and would do well with another child in the home. He would also like to be part of a family that has pets and will allow him some time using technology! Toby's forever family will provide an environment that has structure and routine. His forever family will offer patience as he learns to open up to others. Toby often needs to keep busy and would respond well to a family that loves to go on adventures and engage in lots of activities. Toby's forever family will work with him on building friendships and communicating with peers. They will advocate for him in a school setting or will offer structured education in a home setting.

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