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Torrence from Texas



from Texas

Torrence is a youth who has a very welcoming and calm disposition. She is a tomboy most of the time but enjoys getting dressed up and being a girly-girl too. Torrence is a great conversationalist, but it does take her some time to build trust before feeling comfortable. She enjoys spending time with family and going to new places. Some of Torrence's interest and hobbies include playing board games, watching TV, playing video games, biking, completing arts and crafts, puzzles, and exploring new surroundings. Torrence is a very articulate girl who is strong-willed and likes to be included in any decisions that affects her. Torrence will benefit from a stable and supportive home that can provide her with love, affection, patience and consistent discipline and routine.

Torrence will benefit being in a home where she will receive one-on-one attention from her caregivers. She has stated that she would like a two-parent home. Torrence will benefit from a home that understands that she requires age appropriate supervision, structure, and routine, while also providing her with emotional support.

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