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Tracy from Texas



from Texas

Tracy loves super heroes, anything relating to marvel comics, sports, and drawing. He can be shy initially, but his bright smile shines through when he feels comfortable. He loves to laugh and reports that anything silly makes him chuckle. He would like his forever family to know that he is "helpful, nice, and friendly". He is loving and affectionate with his caregivers. He benefits from caregivers who advocate for him and support him in an educational setting. At school, Tracy receives supportive services to assist him behaviorally and educationally. At times Tracy does not think before he acts and benefits from ongoing support in this regard as well.

Tracy and Darryl are two energetic siblings who will keep you on your toes. The boys are into superheroes and love to pretend to be their favorite hero while they play. The boys are not picky when it comes to meals and will eat just about anything. Tracy is the oldest of the two, and has a great imagination. Darryl is the youngest of the pair, and loves to be outside. He especially enjoys biking and running. Some of the interests and hobbies both children enjoy include, listening to music, building model cars and airplanes, auto repair, basketball, and fishing. Visit us at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Tracy will benefit most from a two parent home, with his sibling, with one stay at home parent preferably. Tracy wants a family with a mom and a dad. Tracy will do best in a home that is structured, but understands that some play time is a good thing. Tracy needs a family who is able to help advocate for his educational needs.

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