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Tremayne from Texas



from Texas

Tremayne is a very fun-loving child with a great smile. He is an athletic kid who plays on the football team at his school. He also enjoys playing basketball, boxing, video games, and watching TV. Tremayne is very social with his peers. He is an intelligent young man who is mild mannered and respectful. Tremayne loves to smile and spend time with his friends. Tremayne is rather shy when he first meets people, but opens up after getting to know someone. Tremayne has his own unique personality. His dream is to travel the world and play professional basketball or football.

Tremayne desires to be a part of a home with a mother and a father. His prospective family will be loving, active, and consistent. Tremayne's family will love sports as much as he does and love him as their own. He will benefit from a family who is proactive in their child's educational goals and progress. Tremayne's family will provide a nurturing and emotional connection which is created and sustained over time. His parents will set consistent rules, clear goals, and reinforce positive behaviors through praise and rewards. His home environment should be highly structured and loving. His ideal family will be involved in different activities and events in the community. Tremayne will do well with other children in the home because he's a team player.

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