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Tyleisha from Texas



from Texas

Tyleisha is a sweet and welcoming little girl. She loves when someone talks to her or read to her. She loves attending church and she really enjoys the music that is sung during church. Tyleisha is obsessed with Dora the Explorer and really enjoys watching it on television. She also enjoys watching movies a lot. Tyleisha also enjoys playing with toys that are soft or plushed. Tyleisha enjoys being around other children and watching them play. Tyleisha enjoys getting out of the house to go on outings with the family. She also enjoys attending other children's parties. Tyleisha is non-verbal and is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsey.

Tyleisha needs a family who is capable of meeting all of her mdical needs. She also needs a family patient, understanding, and supportive and will nurture her. A permanent family for her would be one who would love her unconditionally despite her disabilities. She needs a family who would help her in every aspect of her life. She needs a forever family who is able to take care of her needs and provide consistency in a nurturing and loving environment. She needs a family to provide security and be committed to caring for her. She needs parents who will love her and make her feel safe.

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