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Tyleisha from Texas



from Texas

Tyleisha is a happy child who loves interacting with her caregivers and is responsive when spoken to. She is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Tyleisha is nonverbal and communicates by pointing to sign cards with symbols for "yes", "all done" and "finish", and uses these with prompting to communicate her desire to continue with her favorite activity of watching Dore the Explorer videos. Tyleisha also likes playing with toys that have buttons she can push and that light up and make noise. She loves and responds to music. Tyleisha likes being the center of her caregivers' attention. When her caregivers talk to or play with her, she lights up and giggles, and is very responsive. Tyleisha goes to school daily and likes interacting with her peers and teachers.

Adrian and Tyleisha share a very close relationship with one another. They enjoy spending time with each other. Adrian and Tyleisha enjoy playing catch with each other. Adrian especially likes seeing his sister's smile as she attempts to catch the ball. They also like to watch Dora the Explorer videos and cartoons together. Adrian enjoys spending time talking to Tyleisha and making silly faces to make her laugh. When they are together, Adrian takes on the "big brother" role and lets Tyleisha play with the toys she likes best. Adrian and Tyleisha like to sing songs together; "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", is one of their favorites. Adrian and Tyleisha are always affectionate and kind to each other.

Tyleisha needs a family who is caring, nurturing and able to work with her providers to meet her medical and special needs. She will benefit from a family who is patient and loving. Tyleisha will benefit from a family who meet her needs and provide her with much love.