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Veronica from Texas



from Texas

Veronica is a friendly and introverted youth at placement and at school. She enjoys her time alone and although she is timid, requires encouragement from other adults to socialize and make friends. She enjoys playing with other animals and has expressed wanting to help animals as she gets older. She would like to become a veterinarian. Animals and their well-being are important to Veronica. She enjoys listening to pop, hip-hop, rap, any musician that is mainstream, and has a good beat to it their music. She enjoys collecting and burning candles from Bath and Body Works. She enjoys spending time with her current foster parent and their extended family members. She always has a smile in her face, and ultimately wishes to be adopted.

Veronica wants to be a part of a forever family who will love her unconditionally. Her forever family will provide support, guidance and love. She will benefit from being adopted by a single mother due to her preference and her level of comfort with paternal figures. Her forever family will understand the importance of accepting and make a loving effort to understand her and how she identifies. She truly desires to have a strong connection with an adoptive mother. She would love to have a mother/daughter relationship as well as having a strong relationship with a grandmother. Some of her happiest memories involve her biological grandmother. She would love for her forever family to have pets. She enjoys playing with pets and would like to become a vet as she gets older.

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