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Victor from Texas



from Texas

Victor is a typical teenage boy who loves sports, especially baseball. When it comes to school work, Victor enjoys his engineering class and hopes someday to major in engineering. Victor is a very energetic child who sometimes loses focus. He is a polite and respectful child who laughs easily and loves attention; sometimes he may act up to get attention. He realizes that he needs to be more cooperative and less argumentative with his peers. Victor still has moments in which he grieves for those from his past. Victor desires to be adopted. He has moments in which he acts without thinking and needs direction. Victor is extremely sensitive to rejection and is learning how to respect himself and others and while maintaining appropriate boundaries. Victor is making the necessary changes in his life. Overall, he is a loving child who tries to be helpful and attentive to the needs of those in authority.

Victor will benefit from a family who will provide him with unconditional love and support in a structured setting while teaching him how to express his feelings in a positive manner. The family need to provide Victor with consistency when it comes to adhering to the rules in the home and follow-through with appropriate consequences when the rules are not followed. Victor requires a family who is loving, yet firm and nurturing. He needs a family who will provide him positive feedback when he does something well. Victor want to feel secure in his new home while receiving unconditional love and support. He wants a family who will allow him to participate in sports and assist him with overcoming stumbling blocks in his life and celebrate his achievements.

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