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Warron from Texas



from Texas

Warron has an intellectual mind. He excels in school and is in several classes above his grade level. Warron processes and assesses quickly. He can be kept busy in an educational environment which challenges him and requires him to think outside of the box. Warron has a charming personality. He enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and participating in sports, especially basketball. Warron, at times, has some challenging behaviors, which he is learning to manage. He adjusts well to new people and places, but takes time to open up to others. He will require supportive services to foster his growth and development.

Warron will benefit from a family who will be patient and not overzealous at first contact. Warron's family will need to understand his desire for continued contact with his biological siblings. He will need encouragement, some appropriate space and alone time with plenty of individual guidance. He will need a stable, consistent, and nurturing home in which rules, boundaries, and expectations are clearly defined. Warron will benefit from an active family who will support his desires to participate in team building sports and activities. Warron's parents will provide guideance and model positive behaviors he can carry with him through his adulthood.