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Willow from Texas



from Texas

Willow has an easy going disposition, she likes to make friends and and typically does better with children who are younger. Willow is more of a leader and likes to be in control of situations, where she gets to make decisions. She likes to be talkative, meeting new people and likes jokes. Willow enjoys all things outdoors, such as bike riding, swimming, walks, and playground time. Willow is bright, she has a gift for thinking and creating things outside the box. Willow enjoys being creative when it comes to arts and crafts. She loves dolls and making doll clothes. Willow enjoys school and likes participating in activities where she can learn new things.

Willow's forever family will be a loving and accepting family. She will benefit from a patient, and experienced family, that has the training to deal with children of her needs. Her forever family will set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations from the beginning. Willow's forever family will be strong parental figures who are able to help her learn to grow independently and create positive relationships with peers and adults. Willow will do best in a home with no younger children

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