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Zackary from Texas



from Texas

Zackary is a loveable child who has a love for the simplest things. His face lights up when he sees a firetruck, a garbage truck or sees a crew working on lawn maintenance in the community. He loves to watch and admire the weed eaters and lawnmowers as the yard is being landscaped. Zackary attends a school that focuses on helping him complete skills with which he may struggle. He likes to watch TV, play on his IPad, and to go out and eat McDonalds. His favorite shows include Wheel of Fortune and SpongeBob Square pants. Zackary does best with a regular routine, he loves going to the theatre, going to buffets, and going on school field trips with his classmates.

A family with loving patience is required to attend to Zack's needs. Zackary is high energy and is on the autism spectrum. He is verbal and can attend to his activities of living such as toileting, but he needs help with some higher order skills. Zack does well with kids his own age. When his routine is changed or there are changes in the family environment, Zackary struggles with adjusting and it may take up to a week for him to adjust to a new setting. Zackary will do best with a family who has experience or willingness to understand the dynamics of caring for a child with autism. Zack has made great progress and needs a family who will continue to help support him through his progress.