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Zavion from Texas



from Texas

Zavion is a fun, loving, intelligent, and kind young boy who has a good sense of humor! He is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Zavion enjoys being able to talk and share his interests with others. He is respectful and kind when talking to others. Zavion loves to play and have fun! He enjoys being active and playing sports such as basketball, football or tennis. Zavion also enjoys swimming and drawing. He loves to play with Legos or toy cars. Zavion is interested in superheroes and currently loves Spider-Man, he enjoys other superheroes like the Avengers as well. He likes to watch superhero movies and play with other superhero related toys. Zavion has expressed he would like to be a superhero when he grows up! Some of Zavion's favorite items to eat are lasagna, peanut butter and jelly, and vegetables. He enjoys trying new things and has a desire to learn new things too. Zavion enjoys math, science and reading in school.

Zavion will benefit most from a patient family. His ideal family will have strong boundaries and clear rules, but yet be loving and consistent when applying the rules and directives given to him. Zavion will do best with a family who is energetic and encourages his passion for sports, but on the same token likes to kick back, read, and have BBQ's. His forever family needs to be open for Zavion to have continued contact with his brothers, whether it be through phone, skype or face to face visits, as they are very close.

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