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Zharia from Texas



from Texas

Zharia has a loving, outgoing, and animated personality. Initially, she can be shy when meeting new people, though she warms up quickly. Zharia has a lot of positive energy. She loves to exert her energy by dancing and singing. Zharia has a passion for dancing. She loves to stay active. When it comes to activities, Zharia is a well-rounded, social butterfly. She also like sports. Zharia's favorite sport is football, which she loves to play. When Zharia is not physically active, she enjoys reading, writing, and watching movies. She loves school, where her favorite subjects are math, reading, and history. Her favorite food is seafood. Zharia plans to attend college and she would like to own her own beauty school. She aspires to become a hairstylist one day.

Zharia will thrive in a family who exercises patience with her. Her ideal family will benefit from having experience with children, and who will sympathize and assist Zharia emotionally as needed. Trust and stability are things Zharia would like to see in her forever family. She will thrive in an active family who likes to do things together. Zharia will benefit from a family who supports her future desires. She will fit well in a family who has child(ren) close in age to her. Zharia's family will take strong interest and commitment in meeting her where she is today and working with her in self-progress. Zharia is eager to be adopted and find her forever family.

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