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Zykieria from Texas



from Texas

Zykieria is a fun-loving teenager who has a big heart! She enjoys applying makeup and going to the movies with her friends. Zykieria is very self-aware and independent in her choices, and continues to make positive changes in her life, as necessary. As she has grown, she has gained momentum in her life goals and only wishes to one day have a family to help her achieve these goals. She has an extroverted personality and loves to make others laugh. She has a heart of gold and empathy for everyone who touches her life. Zykieria already knows what she wants to be when she grows up and hopes to help other kids by being a pediatric nurse. When she isn't getting dolled up, she enjoys going on runs, where she can escape her reality and just listen to her music and the cadence of her feet. She also enjoys basketball where her skills shine through when matched against those who are at the same skill level. When not running or playing basketball, Zykerria can be found indoors relaxing by listening to good music, dancing, and playing video games.

Zykieria's forever family will be one that set boundaries and rules from the beginning. They will allow her freedom to make choices for herself, but also guidance and reassurance in these decisions. She desires a forever family who has no more than two other children in the home. Her forever family will be patient as she builds trust and rapport with them but also as she continues to navigate through her teenage years into adulthood. Zykieria has expressed that she would be open to being adopted by any family. She is open to having a family with pets and doesn't have a preference to cats or dogs. Zykeria desires a stable and loving environment and is ready find her forever family. When asked what was important to her in a family she said, "I just want to be loved, wanted, and feel what it means to be a part of a family."

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