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Josie from Vermont



from Vermont

Josie, 15 Here’s what she would like you to know about her: My Favorite Things: I like to spend time outside swimming, fishing, and biking in the summer, and skiing and ice skating in the winter. I love horses and would like an opportunity to ride. I love Golden Retriever puppies, and would like to have one some day. My favorite subject in school is Math. Things I do not like: I do not like Fish. Favorite Foods: I like to try new foods. I love Brussels sprouts, most fruit, and BLTs. I like to help grow vegetables in the garden. What I want in a family: I would like an active, non-smoking family. I want brothers and sisters to play with at home. I want to live on a farm with horses, chickens and maybe a few cows, pigs, and goats. I want my parents to be strong, nice, kind, and loving. What I want families to know about me: I am helpful and I work very hard. I love horses and puppies. I play basketball and softball. I want to stay connected to my biological family: cousins, mom, brother, aunt and uncle. What we are seeking for a family for Josie: Josie needs parents who: • Can provide a nurturing environment, set clear and firm limits, and provide consistent boundaries; • Are willing to participate in any recommended trainings and therapy sessions; • Can be patient and loving even when her behaviors are a challenge; • Can be affectionate and patient; and • Are energetic, outgoing, and active. Contact Information For more information, please contact Sarah Smith at or 802-373-6096
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