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Alice from Virginia



from Virginia

Alice is an engaging and bright young lady. She loves shopping at the mall and cooking for people. Alice is in the ninth grade. She is smart and gets good grades in most of her core subjects in school. Alice is highly motivated to succeed in the future. She enjoys reading and dancing. She is creative and energetic. Alice is a social butterfly once she gets to know someone. She is very articulate and able to express herself clearly and intelligently. Alice is a strong advocate for herself and others. Alice can engage in reciprocal and cooperative interactions with others on a regular basis. Alice loves to be around positive people. She has a love for other smaller children and wants to be a teacher or Social Worker when she grows up. Alice has no sport that she is particularly interested in, but she is willing to try any sport. Alice enjoys playing cards. She shows a great appreciation for people who help her in any capacity. Alice has a huge zest for life and her future goals. Alice has a tender, considerate and helpful nature. Alice has the potential to be a leader
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