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Analea from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Analea, Canyon, and Justus! Three siblings who will melt your heart! Analea is a fun loving girl with a strong personality. Analea would say her best trait is her sense of humor and those around her would agree! Analea has many strengths with one of them being her singing ability. Car rides are the best with Analea because she will belt out songs from the radio and it is like a mini concert! Analea enjoys other activities too including coloring, watching soccer, baking and cooking. Analea is incredibly kind, giving and thoughtful. For example, one of Analea¿s wishes is to become a trillionaire and donate the money to charities. Religion is really important to Analea and she enjoys learning and growing in her faith. If she could visit anywhere in the world, Analea would like to travel to Arizona, USA where her family is originally from. Analea has goals of going to college and becoming a veterinarian. She loves taking care of house pets to include her pet rabbits that she has been responsible for. Canyon is a sweet, nurturing, kind and thoughtful young man. If you were to ask Canyon what his best quality is, it would be that he is caring of others, especially his siblings. Some of Canyon¿s favorite activities include jumping on the trampoline, reading books, drawing, teasing his brother and sister and going to the beach. Some of his favorite books include Pokemon and Seven Deadly Sins. Canyon is particularly skilled at playing video games and two of his wishes would be to get a PS4 and Nintendo Switch. But do not let Canyon¿s interest in video games fool you, he also loves the outdoors! If he could visit anywhere on earth, Canyon would want to visit Virginia Beach. Canyon also enjoys spending time with family and one of his favorite things to cook is a grilled cheese. Canyon is not sure he wants to go to college but his dream is to become a Youtuber. Justus is an outgoing, social, athletic and active young man. Justus does not like watching sports but he definitely enjoys playing them. Some of his favorite sports to play include soccer and baseball. Currently, Justus plays defense for his community soccer team but he definitely has the skills to play offense as well! Justus is also passionate about Christianity and feels that the presence of Good is reassuring for him. Some other activities Justus enjoys includes reading anime books and cooking. His specialty is sausage and pancakes for breakfast. If Justus could visit anywhere in the world, it would be to visit Arizona because that where is his family is originally from. Justus would also like to stay connected to friends from his home community. Justus says that one of his best qualities is that he makes friends quickly and those around him would agree! Justus has a great sense of humor and is very sociable. In terms of his goals, Justus would like to attend college and become an attorney. Justus said ¿I want to help people¿ which just proves how caring and selfless Justus can be. Justus has a strong relationship with his siblings and feels protective over them as their big brother.
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