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Ashlynn from Virginia



from Virginia

Ashlynn is a very energetic, outgoing young girl. She can be seen as a "busy body" who wants to be involved in community/extracurricular activities. Ashlynn excels in sports; some of her favorites are volleyball, basketball, and softball. She loves being around other people and does well in groups with her peers. Ashlynn is very much a people person, but also loves being around animals. Ashlynn has a nurturing personality and is willing to help out anyone in need. Ashlynn's future goal is to become a NICU nurse. She especially does well with younger children. She is a very family-oriented person who enjoys spending time with her loved ones. Ashlynn is compassionate and cares about the lives of others. She strives to do well in all aspects of her life and has set admirable goals for herself. Ashlynn would love a family of her own to guide her in her dreams and help her towards her goals.
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