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Ashton from Virginia



from Virginia

Ashton is an intelligent, charming, outgoing and curious boy. He currently has an A/B average in his classes. Ashton loves to meet new people, ask questions, and will talk to anyone!

Ashton participates in the middle school strings program and has played the violin for several years. He prefers to stay inside. Ashton enjoys playing video games and watching movies. He is great with computers and technology, but also loves to keep himself busy by working with his hands.

Ashton is artistic and creative, and loves drawing and coloring in his sketch book, building with Legos, and reading. He can also beat anyone at a board game. Ashton loves going out to eat, and to the movies or to the arcades. His favorite restaurant is Chipotle. Ashton is very involved in his church and attends youth group weekly and sings in the choir.

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