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Blake from Virginia



from Virginia

There are so many wonderful things to say about Blake, an amazing young man born in 2007. Blake is very active and to say that he loves the outdoors is an understatement. Some of Blake’s other interests are animals, sports, and fishing. His preferred sports are football, baseball, and basketball. He has a sense of humor that keeps friends and family entertained and a warm caring nature that makes him such a joy to be around. Blake’s smile can light up a room drawing others near to him. Blake is very social and likes having other children around, especially to laugh with, and play some ball. Blake finds school enjoyable and excels in academics with his favorite subjects being Math and Science. Blake is a natural leader and always seeks to help others. Blake states he has fond memories of going fishing as a younger child, and would like to go fishing again soon. In his spare time, Blake enjoys playing video games and has a career goal of becoming a police officer. Blake can’t wait to be a part of a loving, caring, and supportive forever family he can reciprocate love and maybe some fishing as well.
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