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Day'Von from Virginia



from Virginia

Day'Von is a likeable and funny kid. He can tell jokes with others and finds humor in various things. Day'Von loves playing with transformers, action figures, hiking in the woods, playgrounds, and sports. He likes to be outdoors and play at playgrounds. Day’Von will go on outings to pick out books. Currently, he is interested in reading about all types of cats and Spiderman. He is creative and enjoys arts and crafts. He is quite the dresser. If he knows he is going out, then he will wear his newer clothes so he look good. Day'Von wants to be liked and tries to do what is asked of him. He has great manners and is quite talkative at times. Day'Von is in the 4th grade and likes to be a helper in class and has the ability to be a leader. He would like to maintain reasonable contact with his parents and his twin brother. He is a great kid to be around and is open to experiencing new activities. Day’Von likes dogs and cats and wants at least a cat as a pet. He maintains contact with his twin brother and his parents. He is open to playing any sport though he likes football and kickball. His dream day would include playing with his toys, eating ice cream all day, taking a nap and not having any school. He would like his adoptive family to be active, do fun
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