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Elena from Virginia



from Virginia

Elena is an adorable young girl born in 2011. Elena really enjoys being outside, exploring nature and does not mind getting dirty. Elena loves a garden she really loves growing and picking flowers. She loves playing with bugs and being in nature. Her primary joy in life is being around things that move outside such as frogs, bugs and squirrels. She has a sense a humor that will make people laugh in tears at times. She loves pleasing others and receiving positive feedback. She enjoys playing with self-stimulating items such as playdough and fidget spinners. She is not a fussy eater and enjoys eating guacamole and yellow peppers. She enjoys cooking with the proper supervision. Elena is definitely a girly-girl she loves having her hair brushed, braided, and wearing high-heeled shoes. She is a loving child that desperately needs a forever family that will never give up on her.
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